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Deepak hurts himself in the bathroom after Surbhi and Rohit betray him

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The episode begins with Day 79, within the afternoon whereas the posh funds activity BB College Bus is in progress. The housemates are ready for the following buzzer to ring. When the buzzer rings, all of the housemates go inside the luggage room however Surbhi Rana doesn’t get off the bus. Romil Chaudhary being the sanchalak, repeatedly asks Surbhi to some out of the bus, however she doesn’t. She appears to be guarding a seat for Deepak Thakur. This doesn’t go down properly with Romil and others. In the meantime Deepak, Rohit Suchanti and others carry their respective luggage and sit within the bus.

Deepak is the primary individual to return out of the bus and empties Megha Dhade’s bag. Megha will get eradicated from the duty and Rs 2 lakh 50 thousand get added to the prize cash. Megha is visibly upset. The housemates then stand on the baggage room door when Rohit begins instigating Sreesanth, passing private feedback. An enormous brawl takes place between them through which Rohit will get bodily and Sreesanth nearly finally ends up slapping him.

At three pm, the alarm goes once more. This time, Rohit grabs Dipika Kakar’s bag first and runs to the bus. Others additionally comply with swimsuit. Dipika comes in the long run and says she’ll take whichever bag is left. When she comes and sits contained in the bus, an enormous verbal spat takes place between Surbhi and Dipika over performing the varied duties. Sreesanth intervenes to take Dipika’s facet, when Rohit, Surbhi and Deepak begin preventing with Sree once more. Dipika couldn’t take it any longer and comes out of the bus and quits the duty. Dipika goes to the washroom and breaks down. She says that she has labored actually onerous to achieve the place she is. Romil and Megha attempt to console her.

On the identical time, within the bus, Surbhi retains on spewing venom towards Dipika. Rohit and Deepak too be part of her. They touch upon her cooking meals, making halwa and never performing the duty. Within the washroom space, Romil tries to persuade her to finish the duty. She reveals her arm which is bruised and has turned blue. Lastly, Dipika agrees to return for the sake of finishing the duty.

The buzzer goes and Rohit comes out of the bus first. He has Dipika’s bag, which he empties. Dipika is the following to be eradicated by Rohit and a sum of Rs four lakh 50 thousand will get added to the prize cash.  

Within the subsequent spherical, Deepak grabs Karanvir Bohra’s bag and empties it when the buzzer goes. KV will get eradicated and a sum of Rs 2 lakh 85 thousand get added to the prize cash.

Now all of the remaining members are buddies – Surbhi, Rohit, Deepak and Somi. Deepak says that he’ll take Somi’s bag (to eradicate).  It involves mild that Rohit and Surbhi have made a pact to play towards Deepak. Deepak feels dejected. Surbhi says now it’s a contest and he or she desires to win, be it towards her buddies. An enormous struggle begins between Deepak and Surbhi, Rohit. KV joins them within the argument. Somi is harm once more that Surbhi, Deepak, Rohit and KV had already deliberate one thing with out informing her.

Whereas all of them are preventing within the bus, Megha, Dipika, Jasleen Matharu and Sreesanth are having fun with their leisure time, watching Surbhi, Deepak, Rohit, Somi and KV preventing. On the subsequent buzzer, Rohit comes out of the bus first and eliminates Deepak’s bag. A sum of Rs three lakh 20 thousand get added to the prize cash. Deepak is gloomy and visibly harm, mendacity on the bottom.

Romil accuses Karanvir of planning to disintegrate the Blissful Membership. He says that KV had mentioned within the fourth week that he’ll break the Blissful Membership and he’s carried out it, Then Romil says how Surbhi has performed a double sport by first being with Deepak since starting and betraying him by making a pact with Rohit when the time got here.

Somi continues to be upset with Deepak that he agreed to eradicate Somi Khan whereas planning with others. Deepak tells Surbhi and Rohit that they’ve betrayed him. KV sits and listens to all of them. At 6 pm the following buzzer goes. Rohit, Surbhi and Somi go inside and choose up the baggage. In the meantime, Deepak tells KV how Rohit has performed a double sport with him.

On the subsequent buzzer, Rohit comes out and empties Somi’s bag and provides 6 lakh 25 thousand to the prize cash. The duty involves an finish. Rohit and Surbhi develop into two contenders for captaincy. A sum of Rs 19 lakh 95 thousand was added to the unique prize cash of 23 lakh 40 thousand. The full prize cash now turns into over 45 lakh.

Within the night, Deepak is mendacity behind the boat, alone within the backyard when Somi comes to talk to him. Romil too joins them. Somi is visibly upset with Romil and Deepak. She says that Romil was irritating her sitting with Jasleen and others. She breaks down in tears. Romil and Deepak begin consoling her. Megha involves them and asks what’s happening. Romil says {that a} new membership is being made referred to as Apple Pie. Megha says that if it brings the three of them collectively then she’s the happiest.

Round 10 pm, Deepak goes contained in the jail and will get emotional. Romil joins him and asks him to talk his coronary heart out. Deepak says that he’s understood that no relation is actual and real within the Bigg Boss home. On the identical time, Surbhi and Rohit are sitting inside the home and speaking about how properly, they performed, how they went towards Deepak and the way Romil has bought nothing left within the present now.

Later, Deepak involves the bed room to clear the air with Somi. Somi tells him that she has an issue not as a result of everyone seems to be enjoying a sport however as a result of her belief has been betrayed. Deepak couldn’t take it anymore and locks himself up within the washroom.

Within the backyard Megha tells Romil that Deepak was crying lots and that he ought to communicate to him. Jasleen asks him what somi’s downside is. Within the lavatory, Sreesanth overhears Deepak hurting himself. Sree asks him to open the door however he doesn’t. KV, Somi and others additionally come to carry him out of the toilet. Somi says that she’s not indignant with him. Deepak hugs Sree and cries. Rohit witnesses all this and tells Surbhi that Deepak had locked himself within the lavatory and beating himself up. Somi, KV and others take Deepak within the bed room.

Deepak continues to be crying. Surbhi too comes and asks him to behave. Deepak hits himself and hits his hand on the bedside lamp. He says he’s responsible and therefore he’s reacting on this method. Sreesanth tells Dipika that Deepak isn’t in a position to take defeat. Surbhi involves Rohit and tells him that now Deepak is feeling responsible as a result of it’s develop into clear that he betrayed Somi in the course of the activity first.

Within the residing space, Somi asks Deepak to talk his thoughts. Deepak is simply too filled with guilt and says sorry to Somi. Somi asks him to carry his ears and do sit ups and ask for forgiveness. Deepak does so. Somi then asks him to behave himself and never do any extra loopy stuff like Sreesanth. The episode involves an finish.

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